What To Bring To Your Appointment:

You will be in the chair a long time compared to other services (as long as 8 hours in some cases).

Be sure to bring some magazines/books to read or movies to watch during the appointment as well as some snacks or a sandwich.  I have assorted drinks for you here.  It will take a long time but when I am done, YOU WILL LOOK FABULOUS!!!​

Pricing, Time and General Information :

Due to the complexity and variables of extensions and their application process and much longer appointment time online booking is not available.  Extension application time can run from as low as 4 hours to as many as 8 hours depending on the type and quantity of hair.   Hair extension application and existing extension removal is charged at $125 per hour for the actual time it takes to apply or remove.  I will give you my best estimate of time to apply, however, based on variables with the exension hair, your own hair, and your ability to sit without getting up for extended periods of time, the actual application time may be longer than the initial quote.  The upfront quote is not a contract price it is an estimate only.  

First Time Appointments:

If you have never had extenstions applied by me before please use the "book online" feature to the left in the menu and choose "Extension Consultation".  We will cover everything you need to know in that appointment and we can schedule your actual application afterward if you choose to purchase extensions.

Repeat Appointments:

Please use the appointment request feature on this page and list addtional available dates in comments in case I cannot accomodate your preferred date.​

Extension Appointment Request

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